hero-program (Monday)

every Monday from 18.00 to 19.15


6 weeks - 6 topics - 6 challenges

275 pp groups from 8 to 12 people

Every week we dive into one topic on healthy habits, the physiology of stress, resilience and performance.

We start each session with a deep learning on questions why, how, what and when? Next, we move to action.

You will take your first steps and experience the benefits yourself. We finish each session with a challenge to integrate high energy in your everyday life.

We kick off the program by explaining the rules of engagement of nature:

• How do we get and lose energy.

• What body system can be trained to give you more energy and to make you recover better.

Week 01


We deep dive into the benefits of high oscillation behavior. Explore different types of physical stimuli, the science behind affecting your body and mind and formulate tips how to incorporate these into your daily routine.

Week 02

Fasting & Feasting

We look at the impact of fasting and feasting on your overall health and performance. What kind of food matches your brain, your physical activity and your immune system.

Week 03

Do you know the health benefits of cold and hot exposure? What it does to your body and mind? We will look how integrating them into your daily routine and we will take the first steps together! Be prepared...

Week 04

This session will cover the importance of breathing on your lung capacity, stress reduction and longevity. We put different breathing protocols into practice.

Week 05


We deep dive into the importance of recovery. We will review and execute effective techniques to better recover. We will learn you how inclosing them in your work and life environment.

Week 06

Focus & Decide
Did you know the importance of the mindset as central governor of the body? How can you use your mind to take control over your body functions? We will look at the importance of reflection, visualization and focus.
Date & Time
Monday August 28, 2023
Start - 6:00 PM (Europe/Brussels)
Monday October 02, 2023
End - 6:00 PM (Europe/Brussels)

2h center

Researchdreef 10
Allée de la recherche 10
1070 Brussels (Anderlecht)
+32 2 883 88 60
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2h center

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