Screen, Track and Improve: harness the power of science to enhance your healthy habits

Instead of waiting for sickness to occur, let’s start servicing health as fiercely as we service illness. Our team uses scientifically validated methods to help you find your optimal state of health, performance and wellbeing, tailored exactly to your goals and needs. 

Together we want to change the way you look at your health

2h center is an integrative support ecosystem that guides people through innovation and evidence-based approaches in order to facilitate you to work and live at your full potential. At all times. 

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A refreshing approach to your health

We are rewiring the way work, life and health are defined and intertwined with the use of scientifically validated data.  

At 2h center, we don’t focus on short-term solutions or isolating the problems’ roots. Resilience and performance are integral and are therefore treated by 2h center throughout their complexities. We guide you through a path that is focused on integration, as opposed to treating symptoms. A path that seeks to achieve long term sustainable results. 

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Our team of health experts is organized around you

Our physicians, paramedics and health experts will support you through your journey of prioritizing your health. If you stick with us the way we will stick with you, we will gradually guide you towards a life that adds meaning, resilience and wellbeing for you and all those that surround you.

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your health into a daily habit.

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