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your health today

Turning health into a habit is not done overnight. 
Our tracks are designed to guide you towards a sustained wellbeing.
In order to improve your health we also offer a serie of services.

2h tracks  Services

2h tracks

We offer programs that facilitate our clients establishing healthy habits in their everyday lives. The continuous guidance of our team helps translating recommendations into practice and supports you in achieving a sustained wellbeing.


Everything starts with getting to understand you. During which we want to get a clear view of your current health habits and future goals.
This will help our team to understand what maximum potential looks like for you. 

 The session can take place online or in our 2h center and is without obligation.


According to your goals and needs, we run advanced tests to better objectivate your current health, performance and wellbeing. We offer cutting edge screening procedures and technology.


Based upon the insights gathered during the intake and your test results, our team shapes a personalized plan which helps you prioritize your health in your everyday life. The intensity of our facilitation is determined by the track you prefer and the support you need.

Improve your quality of life

Besides our 2h tracks, we offer a series of services that help you improve your health, performance and wellbeing. Anyone passionate about health can book our services at 2h center. So, if our healthy trajectories seem too overwhelming for now, feel free to book a service. 

Our services are designed to help you achieve your optimal self.

  Nutrition and
weight control

Nutrition plays a critical role in your overall health.
Get a personalized, clinician-led plan to support you
implementing healthy eating habits into your everyday life. 


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Be proactive when it comes to your skin.
Our dermatology department is provided with the latest technologies and equipment to offer treatments and services focused on preventive dermatology.

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 Aesthetic medecine

A variety of 2h center treatments are dedicated to help you optimizing your looks. Be the best version of yourself at all times.  

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Sports and rehabilitation

Your physical health has a major impact on your wellbeing and is therefore serviced at 2h center with groundbreaking expertise accompanied by most innovative equipment. Our team is dedicated to support you in achieving your full potential.

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                                      Mental and wellbeing

To truly impact health, we embrace an integral approach wherein the mind and body is connected. Our wellbeing services help you lay the foundations for a happy life, to get to your full potential.

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