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  • 2h tracks

What’s included in my 2h track?

During our 2h track our team supports you in turning your personalized plan into practice and implement healthy habits into your daily life. You will run through the following stages: (1) intake conversation (2) healthy habit lifestyle survey (3) tests and screenings (4) your personalized plan (5) coaching of our team of physicians, paramedics and health experts - number of coaching depends on the chosen track.

How does 2h track work? 
Everything starts with your personal goals and needs. During the intake session, you will meet one of our physicians to discuss how 2h center can support you. Throughout the track, we use innovative and scientifically validated methods to gather more data, offer a personalized plans and help you implementing it in your everyday life.

Can I extend or renew my 2h track?

Yes, every year you will have the chance to renew your 2h track.

  • Skin prevention

Why a preventive digital skin analysis?

Since the arrival of the DermoScan, this can be done better than ever. By digitally capturing the entire body, it is possible to optimally map moles. Your moles are then photographed microscopically with a medical camera for in-depth analysis. The DermoScan's software detects any minute change during the follow-up consultation.

Preventive screening is strongly recommended for:

  • People with a light skin type
  • People with signs of skin ageing
  • People who have been in the sun or under a sunbed a lot
  • People with a family history of skin cancer
  • People with many birthmarks (more than a hundred)
  • People with more than five atypical moles

What is the Dermoscan used at 2h center ?

DermoScan X2 is a complete system for identifying newly emerging pigmentation spots and diagnosing changes in existing lesions using digital photo documentation. With the DermoScan X2, you have a complete whole-body status report in seconds with just 4 clicks.

DermoScan X2 automatically shows if and where new naevi have appeared since the last examination. DermoScan X2 compares the clinical photos from the last examination with the current photos. Each new or changed naevus is highlighted in colour and depicted on an enlarged photo.


- Operation of the device is simple and intuitive, and can therefore be easily delegated.

- Taking a Total Body Mapping scan is a matter of seconds.

- Automatic comparison of pigmentation spot development.

- Fully integrated connection with the video dermatoscopy system DermoGenius Ultra for epiluminescent documentation of naevi.

- No contact fluid or skin contact required

What does an examination cost?

The cost of the examination is €195. Scan and consultation with Dr. Gijsen.

Some insurances reimburse (part of) the cost of a digital skin analysis. Check your own policy conditions to be sure what you are or are not entitled to, or contact your health insurance company.

  • Invoice & insurance

Does insurance cover 2h center services?

Subsidies can support you and/or your company throughout the payment of our 2h tracks. According to the internal construction of your company, multiple subsidies are available. Our team can advise you throughout the process of applying for these subsidies.

  • Team

What are the credentials of my 2h center physician?

You can count on our team of physicians who have years of expertise within lifestyle medicine. Visit our 'team page' to meet all our doctors, paramedici and health experts. 

Can 2h center be my primary care physician?

No, we don't replace primary care physicians.

  • Testing

What do I need to know about lab testing at 2h center?

Based upon your intake conversation and results of the survey, our team advices which tests are the most relevant for you. We will profoundly explain how each test should be taken and are available whenever needed. 

What types of advanced testing does 2h center offer?

We offer a wide variety of tests, here is a summary: 

DNA – NutriGen test 

DermoScan & Dermogenius

High-Definition Facial analysis

Heart Rate Variability test

HPA Cortisol stress test 

Neurotransmitters test

Microbiome test

Body composition

PNOE metabolic test 

D-Wall Biomechanic test

 Where can I complete my advanced testing?

Part of the tests will be done in our center, others require several samples and can be done at home. Our team will explain everything you need to know and is available to support whenever needed. 

Do the 2h center test give insights in hereditary diseases? 

The 2h center allows us to proactively detect risks, but please note that we don't replace primary physicians.

  • Center

Where is the 2h center located?

Researchdreef 10, 1070 Brussels

Can I park my car nearby the center?

Yes, there are reserved parking spots for our visitors.